For many of us, sitting at a desk for hours each day is a fact of life. Bending over and inspecting papers or leaning forward to see something better on our monitors are just things we have to do to earn our living. After a day’s work, my back hurts and burns right in the center, like my spine wants to just pop out, throw up it’s hands, and scream. I bought the Comfort Posture Corrector with the hopes of relieving some of the pain, and it has met and exceeded my expectations. Don’t be like me and put off getting one because you’re afraid the brace will make movement difficult. I still have to bend forward from time to time, and the brace allows me full freedom of movement. It just makes it easier to remember that I don’t want to slouch. It is restriction that allows freedom, and I call that the best of both worlds.

By Shermann October 18, 2018 – Verified Purchase