This back brace was purchased as I have a tendency to slouch when working n the computer, working on projects or even sitting reading. Because of my slouching, I suffer neck pain and headaches as well as muscle strain. The subject of a back brace had been broached by my Dr. so, I decided to try one.
I received this a few days ago, and after wearing it everyday since it arrived, I’ve come to the conclusion that it does eliminate strain due to bad posture. My head and neck pain has lessened greatly and I am sleeping better (I don’t wear it at night, but feel wearing it during the day causes my muscles to be less stressed, therefore letting me sleep better.)
I am 5’1”, 125-135 lbs, wear a size 8-10, or a woman’s medium-large. I ordered a medium because I wear a lot of sweatshirts and sweaters and I wanted to make sure it fit over them. It fits exactly as I wanted it to, and with a bit more adjusting, it fits over plain shirts as well.
I am very pleased with this brace and have suggested it to several friends. My Dr will also be told about it at my next appointment.
At this price, I most likely will buy another brace “just in case”. After all, when something works, a back up seems the smart thing to do.

By Susie October 24, 2018 – Verified Purchase