How Posture Corrector Works
Easily Improve Posture

Modern work environments that rely on extended periods of sitting such as office environments can make you engage in bad posture without you even knowing it.

When we sit at our desk or drive the car,  we are used to slouching, we move our shoulders down arching our back.

Such behavior can cause sore muscles, which can lead to stiffness in the back. If this is not remedied, the condition can become severe and permanent, leading to abnormal bone structures and muscle pains.

Our Posture Corrector wraps the shoulders and chest with a figure 8 band. When you try to slouch you will feel pressure on your shoulders as if someone wanted to move you backwards to keep your back straight. Instead, if you sit or stand straight you won't feel any pressure.

One of our Customer wrote in the review:

"The posture corrector has straps that go around your shoulders that pull them back, which makes you focus on having good posture. When you have good posture, obviously the straps do not pull. When you slouch, they do. It is like a simple reminder, saying "don't do that". For me, this was especially important"

By using a posture corrector you will easily improve your posture. Keeps your back and shoulders in the correct position during the day: while you're at your desk, when you're using your laptop or phone, during all your daily activities.

There are numerous medical studies that attest to the effectiveness of Posture Corrector.


Posture Corrector the Doctor Reviews by Dr. Stacey Naito

A clinical trial conducted by the Mayo Clinic identified a significant improvement in patients who were experiencing back pains resulting from incorrect posture. Kaplan and Sinaki who conducted the study concluded that this inexpensive device can reduce back pain by improving posture. From the 23 test subjects, 19 reported improved posture and no one reported worsening of back pain. Multiple other studies conclude similar results, stating posture corrector braces to offer a non-intrusive and economical option to practice good

Posture Corrector & Back Pain relief

A common cause of back pain is a poor posture. The use of painkillers, or physical therapy, are temporary solutions that do not resolve the primary cause.
Exercises to strengthen the back muscles and swimming are very effective, since strengthening the back we will stay more straight when we sit down.
But it is not always easy to find time for the gym or swimming.

The posture corrector is very effective because it keeps the back straight. Wearing a posture corrector strengthens and retrains the muscles without building a dependence on the device. It also effectively improves posture.

During our tests with people suffering from back pain caused by a desk job. We have already noted significant improvements already after a week.


fda posture corrector

FDA cert: 2006US225528


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