Every posture corrector brace to work well, have to wrap your shoulder and give a gentle constriction. When you move your chest forward or when you start slouching you have to feel that the brace push your shoulder backward.

If you trim correctly you have to feel that the brace try to keep you back straight, without blocking your movements and the constriction have to be soft.

If you feel any discomfort, too much compression or not enough back support, means that unfortunately you bought the wrong size.

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How to adjust and use the Posture Corrector Brace

  1. Wear the brace as you wear a backpack.
  2. The back part of the brace -with the form as Y- have to be in the middle of your upper back and not on the base of your neck.
  3. When you adjust the brace pulling the straps don't make too tight. In a correct trim you have to be able to move your shoulders.
  4. If you feel a strong constriction on the shoulder and armpit, make it loose.
  5. The purpose of the posture brace is to remind you to keep a correct posture, training your back muscles to keep a straight back.
  6. Don't use for long time. Use the brace in all situations that cause the back pain.
  7. To remove and put It again easily: now that you find the right adjustement for you and you use the brace for a while, we don't recommend to disassemble, just make it a bit loose and remove like you remove a backpack. When you want to put it back repeat the point 1 ad just make it a bit tight.

Here we report few customer feedback on how to use and adjust the Posture Corrector Brace:

The first couple of days it can be feel a bit odd to wear it for longer than an hour or two. When that happened he took it off for about 10 minutes, adjusted the strap to make them every so slightly looser, and then put it back on. By the end of the 3rd day, he's found the sweet spot where it's not distracting, but it's also not allowing him to slouch like he would after a few hours of sitting. - Jim


Make the brace as large as you can. Then, holding your arms straight up, slide right into your new back brace. I wore the Posture Protector for a couple of weeks, starting with just a few hours a day, increasing length of time daily. In no time, I felt, and looked confident and much healthier. - Shawn


I never realized the extent of how bad my posture was until I started wearing this. I’ve been wearing it for a few hours every day at while at home for 2 weeks and I’ve noticed a difference . It’s really comfortable , soft material so you can wear it on top of your shirt or under without it being a problem . - Gabrielle


The brace is comfortable. I tried it without the armpit protectors first, if worn tightly enough be effective, the straps cut in and were uncomfortable. The washable armpit protectors make a HUGE difference in comfort. The brace is a great reminder to keep your shoulders back and not slouch. However, it is totally possible to still slouch whIle wearing the brace.
I wore the brace around at home; to wear it UNDER clothing I had to find something loose to fit over it. It wasn't uncomfortable, but having the brace on under clothing made my over shirt bunch up and not lay flat. - Rick

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